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TCE- Termite

If Ants are Termites enemy, does it mean that with ants there are no termites?
Yes ants are termites closes enemy. In an environment where resources are abundant and for certain species ants and termites can live together. The nesting habit are also different between the two, ants' nest are normally above ground or within cracks and crevices and have multiple aerial nests. Whereas, termites of subteranean species (the most damaging species to home) build their nest deep below ground. Termites movements are protected by soil trails and mounds hence, they are able to live among each other nests. Some even build nests within the nests of its enemy.

Why termites likes to hide?
Termites hides for safety and nature. Termites do not have hard shells that can protect themselves, hence they rely on soil trails to fence themselves against enemies. They have thin skin are easily dehydrated from heat and the environment, the soil trails besides maintaining cooling temperature also carries water for the need of digesting food. Within the trails termites communicates with each other.

Is it because of the Malaysia climate that termites are harboraging largely?
Tropical and high humidity does encourage the growth or termites population especially coastal areas. However, different species are found to be popular in different areas and countries.

What type of termites commonly found in Malaysia?
Based on the research conducted by USM, it is believe that Malaysia house at least 48 species. The common species that cost the most to household and property owners are the subterranean species coptotermes.

What Sort of Harm can Termites Cause?
This can vary greatly depending on the species of termites, the size of the colony, its age and vigour as well as other factors, such as the availability of food sources. There are many other factors that can play a role in the speed of attack and the extent of damage. In many cases where attack is detected early, the cost of repairs can still be significant, the longer the infestation lasts the greater the cost of rectifying the problem. Termites can also damage books, clothing and a wide range of cellulose based items other than structural timbers.
v. What Do I Do If I Find Termites? DO NOT PANIC. DO NOT DISTURB THEM OR ATTEMPT TO TREAT THEM YOURSELF WITH SPRAYS OR AEROSOLS. Call a Professional Pest Controller; disturbing termites or killing termites that you can see, will only cause the colony to move to another entry point in your property to continue their destruction.

Are All Termite Species Harmful To Houses?
No, of the many species of termites a large number of these feed on grasses, standing trees or decayed timbers. In nature their role is to recycle important nutrients. Only about a dozen species cause significant damage to structures. It is important that you engage a Professional Pest Controller to ascertain whether your property is at risk.

General Pest - Rats

how to avoid rats die inside house?
There are no 100% guarantee that rats can be prevented to die at home after treatment methods are implemented. A professional pest controller with basic checklist will provide the best solutions. Consideration such as building surrounding and structure, common rats harborage, type of rats, air-cond ventilation, possible rats entry points, convenience and cooperation will decide on the methods and it varies from baiting, trapping, repelling and physical barriers. Should rats die and unable to locate, Sky Pest can assist at minimal cost 50% off for additional visits.

what are the best methods to control rats?
In the control of Rats we practices a 3-tier defense strategy. This strategy are able to curtail rats attack from any 3 main species and it provides a good prevention after rats problem have been eradicated or reduced. The cost of implementing this strategy however can be expensive, however Sky Pest are able to cater with a more cost effective solutions. Talk to us.


General Pest - Cockroach

I bought the glue traps from supermarket and it can capture a lot but I can still can see cockroaches. What is the function of glue trap?
For a Professional Pest Control those glue traps with attractant are meant for monitoring purposes after treatment and also long term cockroaches population tracing. A proper treatment is necessitate should you find the captured quantities are a lot and of various sizes and type. This means that that the colony have expanded. Make sure the traps are replaced every month otherwise when it gets dusty the effect will fade.

What are the efficiency using spraying method?
Spraying is an application method. The deciding factor are the chemicals that we used. Professional Pest Controller will determine based on nature of operations, cleaning habits, species and sensitivity of the space being treated to decide on the treatments. We may also implement alternate strategies if the infestation are severe. Talk to us.

What if we constantly mop like restaurant daily wash, do we need to spray regularly?
This depends on the severity of the infestation. If control are in the early stage this is not necessary. However, more frequent treatment in the early stage may be necessitate and after the populations have been reduced, monthly (for food industries) and bi-monthly (for offices and household) should be sufficient. The chemicals that we used will accomodate this operational needs.

General Pest - Ants

For the control of ants, do you also have baiting method just like termites baiting system?
Yes the mechanism is similar and effective. However, this method are not proven like the Nemesis Termite Baiting System to eliminate the colony. Ants are found slowly diminished from the baited area due to resistance or they form other nests. Sky Pest also implements this method, but with the combination of other methods.

General Pest - Lizard

Why are lizards droppings always found nearby lamp?
Lizards are not considered as Pest in the Pest Control Industry. In fact there are friends that helps to control flying insects. However, droppings are seen as a nuisance to many. Lizards like any other pests lives near to their food sources. At night when lights are lighted flying insects will be attracted to close proximity of lamp. Hence these hours you will see the most of lizards, and by daylight they will hide behind cabinets, cracks and ceilings. To erradicate lizards are impossible but to reduce we repel, reduce their food source and baits. Rule of Thumb `solve your insects problem'.


Does Nemesis monitoring and baiting actually work?
Yes- it is very effective and efficient; the system maximizes the control opportunity whilst minimizing the amount of material used and its likely impact on the environment.

How Does Nemesis Work?
Nemesis is attractive bait for termites. The active ingredient affects the termite's ability to grow, develop and reproduce. The offending termite colony actually eats itself to destruction.
Yes- it is very effective and efficient; the system maximizes the control opportunity whilst minimizing the amount of material used and its likely impact on the environment.

Why Do I Need a Licensed Pest Controller to Carry Out The Nemesis Treatment?
Licensed Pest Controller's are highly trained and experienced in important treatment aspects, such as termite biology, ecology, conducive site conditions, building construction, likely entry points, termite detection and reporting, along with integrated termite management procedures. They utilise these skills and the underpinning knowledge in a manner which, in your time of need, will give you peace of mind.

How long does it take For the Nemesis Bait to kill the Termite Colony?
In many cases it will take 6-12 weeks, however several months may elapse before total colony elimination is affected. There are numerous factors controlling this, such as the time of year, size of the colony and species of termite involved. However due to the effect of the Termite Bait, termite feeding will decline to a level that will minimize further damage. It is also important to remember that there are visible observable milestones and indicators that the Termite Bait is working.

How Often Should Active Nemesis Stations, where Termites Are Feeding On The Bait, Be Inspected?
Approximately every 3 weeks, depending on the circumstances they will be replenished or remoistened.

Will Placing Nemesis In-ground Stations around My House Perimeter Be More Likely To Attract Termites To My House?
No. Termites cannot smell timber through the soil. The termites forage through the soil looking for food sources. The Nemesis stations allow such existing termite activity to be intercepted, detected and treated, in many cases before considerable hidden damage occurs to your property.

General Q&A

Will Placing Nemesis In-ground Stations around My House Perimeter Be More Likely To Attract Termites To My House?
No. Termites cannot smell timber through the soil. The termites forage through the soil looking for food sources. The Nemesis stations allow such existing termite activity to be intercepted, detected and treated, in many cases before considerable hidden damage occurs to your property.

Pest Management Facts

  1. Integrated Pest Management
    Integrated pest management (IPM) is a pest management strategy that focuses on long term prevention or suppression of pest problems with minimum impact on human health, the environment, and nontarget organisms. Preferred pest management techniques include encouraging naturally occurring biological control; using alternate plant species or varieties that resist pests; selecting pesticides with a lower toxicity to humans or nontarget organisms; adopting cultivating, pruning fertilizing, or irrigation practices that reduce pest problems; and changing the habitat to make it incompatible with pest development. Pesticides are used as a last resort when careful monitoring indicates that they are needed according to pre-established guidelines. When treatments are necessary, the least toxic and most target-specific pesticides are chosen.

    Implementing an integrated pest management program requires a thorough understanding of pests, their life histories, environmental requirements, and natural enemies, as well as establishment of a regular, systematic program for surveying pests, their damage, and other evidence of their presence.

  2. Pest Control Operator (PCO) and Pest Applicator License (PAL)
    The Pest Management Industry is highly regulated as it involves extensive usage of Chemical and Chemical related substances. Pest Control Operators (PCO) must undergo thorough training, certifications, and their operational qualification is audited by the Pesticide Board of Malaysia and governed under the Pest Control Act 1974 (amended 2004).

    Only an approved PCO can operate and provide pest management services to a service industry to home owners and commercial accounts (restaurants, hospitals, food industries etc). 

  3. Common Urban Pest
  • Ants
  • Bedbugs
  • Booklice
  • Carpenter Ants
  • Carpenter Bees
  • Carpet Beetles
  • Cockroaches
  • Fleas
  • Flies
  • Mosquitoes
  • Perimeter Pests: Centipedes, Crickets, Earwigs, Grasshoppers, Ground beetles, Millipedes, Scorpions, Crawling Spiders
  • Rats and Mice
  • Silverfish
  • Stored Product Pests
  • Subterranean Termites
  • Wasps, Hornets & Yellow Jackets
  • Wood-Infesting Beetles

DO’s and DON’T’s

Selecting a Professional Pest Control Company

  • The safer, more effective pest control products cost more.
  • The level of training and experience of the service technician may vary greatly.
  • The warranties offered by various companies may differ and indeed be worthless if the company subsequently goes out of business.
  • BE CAREFUL: Unrealistic price cutting and resultant inadequate servicing is more likely to occur with some companies operating from a rented residence using a temporary phone number. Here today - gone tomorrow. Such low pricing may only be achieved by providing a sub-standard service using trainee operators and the cheaper old style highly toxic pesticides - a hazard to themselves and the general public. The modern technology products are far safer but much more expensive and require a higher level of skill to ensure an effective result.

What to expect from a Pest Control Company?

  • Options: In most cases, a serious termite infestation will require the use of some chemicals, in order to minimize the risk of severe timber damage to a building. However, there are modern products and technologies available to suit environmentally sensitive situations.
  • Inspection Report: After a thorough inspection and detailed written report on the premises, your pest professional should recommend pest control methods suited to your particular circumstances, with an emphasis on safety and effective protection of the premises.

Ensuring a reliable Pest Control Company
One of the most common consumer complaints is that the Company has NOT done the job properly "the termites are back causing major damage" and the Company has disappeared, leaving the home-owner to pay for retreatment and repairs.

Your enquiries should focus on whether the business is a solid company in case a problem arises in the future, the level of expertise, and the safety aspects employed.

  • First inquire as to how long the business has been established. Do they have a good reputation in the market-place?
  • Ask questions about termites and the different treatment options the company employs, the materials used, and their application techniques.
  • Be present during the termite inspection. Study the general presentation of the inspector, such as, was the inspector in company uniform, with proper identification, arrive in a tidy motor vehicle and use quality equipment, was a thorough inspection carried out, and were you presented with informative documentation regarding the inspection findings and treatment proposals? Did the inspector adequately explain the alternatives so you are confident they knew the subject matter?
  • Enquire as to the qualifications and experience of the termite inspector. Does he/she have a current Pest Control Operator License and Pest Applicator License?
  • Enquire as to whether the company uses employees or sub-contractors. Be wary of companies with sub-contractors as problems often occur in the market place where sub-contractors are obliged to pay for the supply of chemical and other costs but do not assume responsibility if the service proves to be inadequate at a later date.

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