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What Do I Do If I Find Termites? DO NOT PANIC. DO NOT DISTURB THEM OR ATTEMPT TO TREAT THEM YOURSELF WITH SPRAYS OR AEROSOLS. Call a Professional Pest Controller; disturbing termites or killing termites that you can see, will only cause the colony to move to another entry point in your property to continue their destruction.

Is it advisable to remove a tree stump nearby the concrete foundation of our house?
It is believed that roots grow out as far as branches do on most trees. Roots from the stump can lead termites through the chemical barrier (if barrier exist) to the structure. What this means is that the diameter of the stump will affect how far away it needs to be classified as "no threat". Four feet for every 6 inches in diameter is a rule that has been adopted by many pest control companies.

A female cockroach can produce 35,000 descendents in one year. Do corrective treatment early before they infest your area and neighbors too. 

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23rd June 2010

25th June 2010:

  • On-site inspection was conducted, and Sky Pest Termite Specialist confirmed termite infestation of Subterranean Coptotermes Species.

  • Thorough inspection found no other entry point.

  • Termite trails grew by 3.04” per day as recorded.

  • Treatment methods were explained in detail to customer, and the option chosen was TCE02 Nemesis Termite Baiting System for 3-years protection.

  • Customer have wisely converted roof trusses and some of the door frames to metal type for longer term protection against termite and other wood borers infestation.

  • However, since the customer owns a comprehensive books collection and wooden furniture the risk is still high. Hence, annual preventive measures are necessary.


29th June 2010:

  • Installation of 5 In-ground Monitoring Stations (IG) [2xbackyard, 2xfrontyard, 1xstaircase] and 2 Above Ground Station (AG) with Nemesis Baits installed nearest to the live termite activity for immediate baiting.

  • Nemesis Baits from Australia contains active ingredients Chlorfluzuaron that acts on Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) to have an effect on Termite’s Reproductive and Growth Development System.

  • Understand the nature of Subterranean Coptotermes Species feeding behavior, the consumption of Nemesis Baits within the colony is expected to be thorough among all caste in the system consisting the Workers, Soldiers, Alates, King Termite and Queen Termite.

  • Depending on the size of the colony, the duration until elimination is between 1 to 3 months, a bi-weekly bait replenishing and monitoring visits is a must.

13th July 2010 and 28th July 2010

  • An interval of 2 – 3 weeks AG is re-visited.

  • Baits are consumed, no bait shyness and that’s GREAT NEWS.

  • 200gm of baits added on every visit.

  • Customer has been very cooperative and excited, and Sky Pest is equally excited.

17th August 2010

  • Baits consumption and numbers of termites have reduced.

  • The numbers of Soldier Termites have overtaken the Workers, and their skin has turned white (an effect from the active ingredient).

  • Colony elimination is expected in the next 2 to 4 weeks time.

6th September 2010

  • No more live termite found and there are leftover of baits.

  • The Termite Specialist declares that the Colony has been SUCCESSFULLY ELIMINATED.

  • Next visit will be in 2 months time to conduct a thorough inspection again, and also to inspect the IGs on any new termite activities foraging within the building vicinity.

  • AG has been removed, but minor damages on the walls that need to be repaired. Such a tiny little creature but the damages (visible and non-visible) can be severe.

  • The elimination makes it in time for the Festive Holidays. HAPPY HOLIDAYS.

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