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What Do I Do If I Find Termites? DO NOT PANIC. DO NOT DISTURB THEM OR ATTEMPT TO TREAT THEM YOURSELF WITH SPRAYS OR AEROSOLS. Call a Professional Pest Controller; disturbing termites or killing termites that you can see, will only cause the colony to move to another entry point in your property to continue their destruction.

Is it advisable to remove a tree stump nearby the concrete foundation of our house?
It is believed that roots grow out as far as branches do on most trees. Roots from the stump can lead termites through the chemical barrier (if barrier exist) to the structure. What this means is that the diameter of the stump will affect how far away it needs to be classified as "no threat". Four feet for every 6 inches in diameter is a rule that has been adopted by many pest control companies.

A female cockroach can produce 35,000 descendents in one year. Do corrective treatment early before they infest your area and neighbors too. 

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Installation of UV Light Trap with attractant Ambience 218
4th December 2010

• 4th December 2010:
Installation of Ambience 218. Customer a Medical Center faces problems with Mosquitoes, Flies and flying insects inside premise.

  • Causes:
    • Lobby operates on 24 hours and interior lights attracts flying insects

    • Undisturbed places, furniture and storage harboring mosquitoes

    • Back alley door which is closed to the Dumping Area constantly open allowing flies entering

    • Dumping area was not properly treated then, causing serious infestation

    • Single layer automatic entrance door constantly open, allowing flying insects to enter

  • Besides suggesting Residual Treatment at the Dumping treatment, to minimize disturbance due to internally trapped Mosquitoes and Flies, and In due to the constraint to do Misting treatment indoor, 3 light traps are installed (front lobby, 2nd entrance and back alley)

  • Ambience 218 on top of its presentable outlook is able to attract flying insects within the proximity of 70m2. The double acting attractant sticky pad, not only enhance the attractiveness to flying insects also traps them. The result from the sticky pad mechanism allows Sky Pest specialist to analyze the species, severity, trend, progress and it is far more hygienic than the conventional electrocuting light trap.

  • Our Technical Specialist finds the best spots to attract, and also to minimize operational disturbance. Installation is easy, clean and it Ambience 218 affordably functionally beautiful.

Figure 1: Front Lobby

Figure 2: 2nd Entrance

Figure 3: Back Alley
  • 3rd January 2011: Regular maintenance of Ambience 218 covers services to change the sticky pad, clean, replace faulty light tube and analyze the result.

  • Main lobby is the area that operates 24 hours and with highest traffic, hence attracting more flying insects a balance combination of mosquitoes and flies and some flying insects including wasps and etc.

  • 2nd entrance closed after 6pm with light offs and it is a confine area, hence the pests captured are minimal.

  • Back alley captures more flies than mosquitoes or other flying insects.

  • Customer was shocked with the result as they did not anticipate the amount of flies that have been infesting the lobby area. Their initial complaint was to reduce of Mosquitoes, and it is a double result as both Mosquitoes and Flies are reduced.

  • Based on this result Sky Pest have proposed remedies to reduce the problem, such as Back Alley door to close, when fogging doors must be closed, Curtain Air condition and Larvaciding, and more. But this couldn’t be done overnight. Customer are receptive and agreed to work together to improve the recommended physical control as part of the IPM measures gradually.

  • Customer and Sky Pest are both anxious to see the following months’ results.

  • Happy New Year 2011 to all.

11th February 2011: Regular maintenance of Ambience 218 after Chinese New Year. Happy Chinese New Year to all.

  • The trapped insects remain of the same pattern.

  • For the 2nd entrance, the sudden severe flies’ infestation at the rubbish dumping area due to rubbish collector irregular service and the holiday break mostly caused this increased condition.

  • Subsequent General Pest Control which has just taken over by Sky Pest will address this matter closely.

Figure 4: Main Lobby

Figure 5: 2nd Entrance

Figure 6: Back Alley

Figure 7: Back Alley

Figure 8: Main Lobby

Figure 9: 2nd Entrance
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