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What Do I Do If I Find Termites? DO NOT PANIC. DO NOT DISTURB THEM OR ATTEMPT TO TREAT THEM YOURSELF WITH SPRAYS OR AEROSOLS. Call a Professional Pest Controller; disturbing termites or killing termites that you can see, will only cause the colony to move to another entry point in your property to continue their destruction.

Is it advisable to remove a tree stump nearby the concrete foundation of our house?
It is believed that roots grow out as far as branches do on most trees. Roots from the stump can lead termites through the chemical barrier (if barrier exist) to the structure. What this means is that the diameter of the stump will affect how far away it needs to be classified as "no threat". Four feet for every 6 inches in diameter is a rule that has been adopted by many pest control companies.

A female cockroach can produce 35,000 descendents in one year. Do corrective treatment early before they infest your area and neighbors too. 

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23rd June 2010
Location : SS3 Petaling Jaya, formerly a rubber estate area.
Type of property : Single Storey Intermediate Link House
Remarks : Customer called found visible live termite trails at living hall wall along door frames.
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Installation of UV Light Trap with attractant Ambience 218
4th December 2010
Location : -
Type of property : Medical Center
Remarks : Installation of Ambience 218. Customer a Medical Center faces problems with Mosquitoes, Flies and Flying insects inside permise..
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