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Urban Healthy Lifestyle : Pathogen-Free Space, Pollutant-Free Air

For more than 10 years Sky Pest had the privilege to learn and progress with our clients. We observed external factors (i.e. contaminations and pandemic) are becoming more adamant, severely impacting Urban Healthy Lifestyle. Mere regular Pest Control is no longer sufficient to contain spread of pathogens. The many forms of allergies that more people are suffering is a reaction to the unseen threat of pathogens and air pollutants. The reality of the Pandemic and its ongoing threat elevates need to protect our home, businesses, and our loved ones. As we spend more time indoor, we need a pathogen free space and pollutant free air. Therefore, we have included in our services the need for Microbes Disinfection and Indoor Air Quality Management. Our services are customised to your needs, which include options for full service with annual maintenance, or an affordable D.I.Y. options.


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Termite & General Pest Control
Preventive measures are always cheaper than corrective measures, not forgetting the physical damages caused.
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Microbes Disinfection (Fungal Remediation)
"Disinfection is the process of eliminating pathogen microorganism from inanimate objects"
Fresh Air System
Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Broan “You Deserve Fresh Air” Authorized Distributor & Installer
Battling “Sick Building Syndrome”