RM80.00 - RM350.00
Fresh Air System Installation Service
Price RM80.00 - RM350.00
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Terms & Conditons 

- Minimum charge of RM400 for all installations / per trip
- Payment terms: Full payment is required before the installation work begins
- Installation charges do not include plastering / paint touch-up work unless specified or agreed
- The above charges are only applicable within the Klang Valley area only. For other areas, additional charges will be imposed
- For installation outside Klang Valley, there will be an additional mileage charge of RM2.00 per KM
- For outstation installation which requires more than 1 working day (8 Hours) there will be an additional charge of RM250 / per day
- Not inclusive of any additional / variation order work charges incurred due to (but not limited to) unforeseen ommision during site visit, changes in building plans or designs, delay or disruption in work schedules, etc.

A1 - Installation of additional supply or return louver not inclusive of Y-joint

A2 - Additional hole hacking for ventilator installation only

A3 - Additional hole coring for ventilator installation only

A4 - Concealed wiring works - 1 point with plastering works (not inclusive of painting works/touch-up)

A5 - Installation of plasterboard manhole opening (18" x 18") with plastering works and white emulsion paint touch-up on affected areas.

A6 - Additional on-site hole caring for non-related product installation. Subject to availability.