LEASE to OWN a Fresh Air System

Lease a BROAN Fresh Air System eventually owning it is the fastest and economical way to get your premise comply with the government Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) on ventilation and sanitisation, with minimal structural changes.

In view of the latest announcement by the government, BROAN Fresh Air System are able to help you to comply with item 8 and 9 in the area of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). This system has been successfully installed and utilised at Hong Kong hospitals temporary shelters for COVID-19 treatment. 

BROAN Fresh Air System VENTILATES by bringing in fresh O2 air that dilutes Carbon Dioxide (CO2); EXHAUST and PURIFIES contaminated air with the efficiency of HEPA 13 that effectively filter up to PM2.5 size particles, with an anti-viral rate of H1N1 is > 99% and anti-bacterial rate of staphylococcus aureus and escherichia coli is >99%. 

Just one Covid-19 SOP with 10 requirements to apply to all from April 1, says Hishammuddin

“As Malaysia transitions itself into the endemic phase, the government will reduce the Covid-19 standard operating procedure (SOP) from the existing 181 to just one starting April 1.”, the government summarised 10 requirements under the one SOP are:

1. Wear a face mask when in public

2. Operation hours must adhere to the permit or licence

3. Maintain hand hygiene

4. Perform Covid-19 tests according to the National Testing Strategy

5. Manage suspected or confirmed Covid-19 cases according to the Health Ministry’s guidelines

6. Use MySejahtera and MySJTrace for admission registration

7. Ensure physical distancing of one metre

8. Ensure a good ventilation system

9. Ensure the cleanliness of premises

10. Comply with the vaccination requirements for various activities