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  • DC constant air delivert rate motor
  • 5 air speed levels, with the air delivery rate increased to 500m³/h
  • Efficient fresh air purification
  • Nano mist sterilization technology
  • Upgraded energy recovery rate
  • Air Duct Cleaning
  • Inteligient control
  • New Machine Structure
  • Real-time monitoring of indoor air quality
  • App control interface

broan noah plus

  • Maximum air delivery rate is 500m³/h, applicable to a floor area larger than 300m2
  • 5 air speed levels, makes it more convenient for the user to find the balance between the ventilation and mute effects.
  • Standard H12 HEPA antibacterial and formaldehyde removal filter, optional H12 HEPA antibacterial and antiviral filter
  • Use DC motors for efficient energy saving and noise reduction, with the noise as low as 39dB for the air delivery rate of  500m³/h.
  • Multiple filters for graded processing, large CCM, and cleaning of oriented fresh air to improve the cleaning effect and service life
  • The energy recovery rate has been upgraded to 60%, which improves indoor comfort and reduces energy consumption.
  • The primary filtration efficiency of PM2.5 is as high as 99%, providing clean and fresh air.
  • Multiple working modes to meet different usage needs; Full Fresh Air, Internal Circulation, Comfortable Mode, Inteligent Mode, Cool Air Mode.
  • The LCD controller I-Touch has built-in temperature, humidity, PM2.5, carbon dioxide and TVOC sensors to accurately detect the indoor air quality, display the parameters on the screen in real time, and promt the air quality level in different colors. The air quality is clear at a glance.
  • App control interface
  • Nano mist steriliation techjnology.
  • Innovative fresh air inlet duct pruging function. Users can regulary use this function to purge the air inlet duct and outdoor cowl according to the local outdoor air pollution situation.
  • Newly designet machine structure to optimize maintenance functions.
Model  Air Volume (CMH)  Pressure (Pa) Noise (dB) Power Consumption (W)
High Low High Low High Low High Low
Noah 3.5 350 150 120 120 35 31 136 54
Noah 5.0 500 250 120 120 39 29 300 100
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