BROAN SOLO Bidirectional Flow Energy Recovery Fresh Air System
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  • Antibacterial and Antiviral PM2.5 purification
  • 5 air delivery levels for your flexible selection
  • DC dual motor for strong power
  • Micro-positive pressure air supply technology
  • Real-time Display, More Inteligent
  • The energy recovery core is washable, environmentaly friendly and durable
  • Outdoor cool air delivery technology
  • Thin body for Convenient Installation
  • Convenient maintenance, low noice for enjoyment of quietness

 broan solo-serires


  • Antibacterial rate: 99.99% (Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli)
  • Antiviral rate: 99.99% (H1N1)
  • One-time PM2.5 filtration efficiency of the machine: 99% (Date test by BROAN laboratory.)
  • Equipped with DC dual Motor whose core components are made from permanent magnet material to facilitate low-power operation, effectively reducing the heat of the motor and increasing the service life.
  • Seamless connection of 5 air speed levels with noise reduction to as low as 26dB.
  • The energy recovery core is washable exchange core, environmentally friendly and durable
  • Micro-positive pressure air supply technology reduces the possible impact on indoor air quality due to air backflow.
  • The outdoor cool air delivery technology perfectly solves the demand for outdoor cool air
  • Q-TOUCH Smart controller, built-in PM2.5 laser sensor, accurate detection, more intelligent
  • Platform-oriented sophisticated desgin with a more compact structure allows for easy installation and wider application range.
  • Multiple optimized design aspects of the machine makes daily maintenance more convenient.
Model  Air Volume (CMH)  Pressure (Pa) Noise (dB) Power Consumption (W)
High Low High Low High Low High Low
Solo 2.5 365 190 130 45 38 30 115 30
Solo 3.5 405 235 130 45 38 26 190 38
What's in the box
  • BROAN Solo Series