SAN-AIR V3R is formulated with 20 plant actives, without artificial fragrance and 100% safe for humans, specially developed as a broad ranged anti-microbial treatment, targeting bacteria, mold and viruses including COVID-19.

SAN-AIR active ingredient neutralizes airborne particle without causing any release of harmful mycotoxins from germs during process. It was independently tested and validated by Eurofins, UNSW and killing 99.9% of airborne particles in less than 10 minutes, resulting long-lasting healthy indoor living. This breakthrough technology is certified by Australian government, proven success in homes, offices, restaurant, hospitals and etc with remarkable reduction in airborne contaminants within 24 hours.


SAN-AIR™ provides the highest indoor air quality people can breathe 24/7 by:

  • employing cutting edge, sustainable technology
  • using natural ingredients extracted from plants
  • completely reducing the airborne pathogens that can make people sick

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