General Pest FAQ

General Pest - Rats

How to avoid rats die inside house? 
There are no 100% guarantee that rats can be prevented to die at home after treatment methods are implemented. A professional pest controller with basic checklist will provide the best solutions. Consideration such as building surrounding and structure, common rats harborage, type of rats, air-cond ventilation, possible rats entry points, convenience and cooperation will decide on the methods and it varies from baiting, trapping, repelling and physical barriers. Should rats die and unable to locate, Sky Pest can assist at minimal cost 50% off for additional visits.


What are the best methods to control rats?
In the control of Rats we practices a 3-tier defense strategy. This strategy are able to curtail rats attack from any 3 main species and it provides a good prevention after rats problem have been eradicated or reduced. The cost of implementing this strategy however can be expensive, however Sky Pest are able to cater with a more cost effective solutions. Talk to us.

General Pest - Cockroach

I bought the glue traps from supermarket and it can capture a lot but I can still can see cockroaches. What is the function of glue trap?

For a Professional Pest Control those glue traps with attractant are meant for monitoring purposes after treatment and also long term cockroaches population tracing. A proper treatment is necessitate should you find the captured quantities are a lot and of various sizes and type. This means that that the colony have expanded. Make sure the traps are replaced every month otherwise when it gets dusty the effect will fade.


What are the efficiency using spraying method?
Spraying is an application method. The deciding factor are the chemicals that we used. Professional Pest Controller will determine based on nature of operations, cleaning habits, species and sensitivity of the space being treated to decide on the treatments. We may also implement alternate strategies if the infestation are severe. Talk to us.


What if we constantly mop like restaurant daily wash, do we need to spray regularly?
This depends on the severity of the infestation. If control are in the early stage this is not necessary. However, more frequent treatment in the early stage may be necessitate and after the populations have been reduced, monthly (for food industries) and bi-monthly (for offices and household) should be sufficient. The chemicals that we used will accomodate this operational needs.


General Pest - Ants

For the control of ants, do you also have baiting method just like termites baiting system?
Yes the mechanism is similar and effective. However, this method are not proven like the Nemesis Termite Baiting System to eliminate the colony. Ants are found slowly diminished from the baited area due to resistance or they form other nests. Sky Pest also implements this method, but with the combination of other methods.


General Pest - Lizard

Why are lizards droppings always found nearby lamp?
Lizards are not considered as Pest in the Pest Control Industry. In fact there are friends that helps to control flying insects. However, droppings are seen as a nuisance to many. Lizards like any other pests lives near to their food sources. At night when lights are lighted flying insects will be attracted to close proximity of lamp. Hence these hours you will see the most of lizards, and by daylight they will hide behind cabinets, cracks and ceilings. To erradicate lizards are impossible but to reduce we repel, reduce their food source and baits. Rule of Thumb `solve your insects problem'.