SAN-AIR AIR HANDLER bio-clean V3R gel with BOX
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  • Easy to use; fast acting
  • Improved air quality
  • Protects & maintains air handlers
  • Anti-bacterial; anti-mould
  • Cost effective
  • Safe to breathe; safe to touch
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Pet friendly; plant friendly
  • Non allergenic
  • Food safe cerification
  • 24/7 protection
  • Long lasting
  • Biodegradable & sustainable
  • Independetly validated

Product Description

  • Specially designed to be used in air handlers, the water-based gel evaporates and continuosly sanitises the internal parts of the machine whilst decontaminating incoming and outgoing air streams.
  • Kills 99% of airborne bacteria, mould, fungus, and spores.
  • The water-based gel evaporates into the air and spreads throughout the entire indoor air space. As the product comes into contact with microbes, either in the air or on soft or hard surfaces, it causes the germ to die by stopping bacteria from reproducing and mould from receiving oxygen, eliminating gtheir abilty to grow and reproduce.


  • Food safe certification
  • Helps compliance with AS/NZS 3666,4
  • SAN-AIR V3R gel tested against COVID-19 (MHV-1) 
    (sea overleaf)
  • Kills 99% of fungicidal and sporicidal activity


  • Ducted air conditioning systems and air handlers
  • Basements and large storage areas

Directions fro use:

  1. Pierce holes, open 8 holes on top panel
  2. Place opened box in the return air vent, in front of the filter or coils to allow for the air to flow through the box
  3. Replace when gel is fully evaported
What's in the box
  • Ingredient:
    SAN-AIR proprietary essential oils, purified water, natural binding agents, 
    Contains no petroleum based ingredients,
  • Box Dimensions: 500g 213 x 135 x 37mm
  • Shelf Life:        2 years (store at 19-30°C)
  • Lifespan:        4-6 weeks (average)