Indoor Air Quality


Technology that is available in the market has enabled us to take charge of the Urban Healthy Lifestyle that we desire. However, not many are aware that Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) at home, workplace or school rooms affects the wellbeing of a healthy person, better known as the effect of ‘Sick Building Syndrome’. Prolong poor IAQ condition can trigger all kind of sicknesses and allergies. The standard assessment of IAQ comprises of 5 keys indicators: CO2, PM2.5, TVOC, humidity and temperature.


Common household solutions that are available: Air purifiers, Dehumidifiers, UVC lamps, and other IAQ products essential to minimise these airborne pollutants.


Air Cleaners or Purifiers remove airborne particles, odors, gases, and volatile organic compounds. A crucial feature when buying one is the type of air filter it uses. Most basic at least two air filters, some three or four for maximum air cleaning. The pre-filter must be changed regularly to keep the purifier working at maximum capacity. Some needs require a HEPA filter, i.e. asthma and allergy patients. Other options include antibacterial filters, charged media filters, electrostatic precipitators, ion, and ozone generators, and activated carbon filters. Choose rightly.


Dehumidifiers. The humidity level is very high in Malaysia in the range of 80%. High humidity with poor ventilation faced by many high-rise offices and apartments exposed to the threat of unseen mold and mildew issues, which causes ‘Sick Building Syndrome’. Instead of adding a humidifier that increases the humidity, most of the time a portable dehumidifier is recommended. Please assess your IAQ prior to making an investment decision on the right equipment. Sky Pest Sdn. Bhd. brings to you BROAN Fresh Air System.


In a well-planned building, a centralised dehumidifier is incorporated in the existing HVAC system. Dehumidifiers remove excess moisture, eliminate contaminants that thrive in moist conducive environments, Your home will smell better, improve comfort, and fibrous materials i.e. books and wood items will be preserved better. By removing the excess moisture in the air, the load for your AC to maintain the proper temperature will be reduced, hence cost will reduce.


UVC Lamps. Not a very popular option for home, but there is such a thing called UVC Air Purifiers or UVC lamp incorporated in your HVAC system to kill bacteria and mold. Your HVAC professionals will be able to advice better.


Ventilators. Proper ventilation is key for reducing harmful contaminants and boosting your home’s IAQ. Keep your house ventilated. If mosquitoes is a problem for you to open your doors and windows, we have a range of mosquito and flying insect traps that can solve your problem too.




Comprehensive Solution for Indoor Air Quality that protects and saves cost.


Sky Pest Sdn. Bhd. has been appointed and trained to distribute, customize and install a comprehensive range of BROAN's Indoor Air Quality systems. It is truly a privilege to bring this world-class solution to Malaysia, in partnership with Ever Cool Singapore, an established specialist, and manufacturer of building HVAC and AHU equipment for commercial and industrial applications. We welcome project inquiries and request for onsite BROAN IAQ awareness presentation and inquiries on our commercial IAQ leasing program that suits your need.