Microbes Disinfection (Covid)

Principles of Disinfection

“Disinfection is the process of eliminating pathogen microorganism from inanimate objects”. General chemical disinfectant commonly used today at home includes: Alcohol, Chlorine compounds, Iodine solutions, Quaternary Ammonium compounds, and Glutaraldehyde. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.


Liquid disinfectants are classified by its level of germicidal efficacy (3-levels): 

  • High-level disinfectants is capable of destroying all microorganism with exception of microbial spores; 
  • Intermediate-level disinfectants that will destroy vegetative bacteria, most viruses and fungi, but nor microbial spores; and 
  • Low-level disinfectants to kill most bacteria and some viruses and fungi, but bacterial spores.


How surface tension affect disinfection? Solutions is important but methods is crucial. Sky Pest Sdn. Bhd. emphasize methods.

In order for a liquid to come into contact, to permeate and penetrate every crevices and spaces, the surface tension of the fluid must be low. In general, alcoholic or soapy solutions are best. The solution and method of treatment that Sky Pest Sdn. Bhd. offers has taken into consideration all these factors to achieve disinfectant efficacy. We are able to customised according to real needs.


Our Treatments include:

SURFACE: ULV misting to achieve coverage of surface; penetrating cracks, and crevices.

TEMPERATURE: High temperature Steamer up to 180’C to treat porous material such as furnishing.

EXTRACTION: High Suction with HEPA filter to extract microorganisms from porous materials including mites.

AIR SCRUBBING: 24 hours Air Treatment to scrub the air from excessive and harmful air pollutants.

IAQ ASSESSMENT by third-party NIOSH-approved IAQ Assessor.



Solutions that Sky Pest Sdn. Bhd. apply for Coronavirus (Covid-19) comply to KKM and NEA; Food Safety and non-toxic; against Coronavirus (Covid-19), Avian Influenza A, H1N1, H5N1, Hepatitis A, HFMD, Coxsackie and more than 100 diseases; and non-Alcohol. 


Our protocol include Air Quality Monitoring. Technical Assessment will be done prior-treatment and post-treatment. To maintain an ongoing Urban Healthy Lifestyle, we have affordable annual service package and D.I.Y. solutions for premise owners.