TECHFREE Air Handler (AHU)

  Ever Cool Refrigerating & Air Conditioning Co., Ltd was Founded in Hong Kong in 1998 for the global sales and marketing activities of TECHFREE air handling products. A member of ACRA, MARCC and ASHRAE, and are committed to the latest requirements and specifications in the industry.


Dong Guan Tech Free Air Conditioning Mfg, Ltd. was founded in 2001, a subsidiary company of Ever Cool (HK), the China based manufacturing plant. The company specialises in Custom-build Air Handlers and converting innovative green ideas into physical products. It is also the Research & Development Center of energy saving and precision control of HVAC equipment.





Quality Assurance was what brought Ever Cool and TechFree to where it is today. 



Contrary to the common practice in the market where standard units are modified to fit your requirements, @ TechFree we customised and built from design. Therefore, TechFree Air Handlers are scalable, price competitive and meeting the needs of designers that other brands may have difficulty to meet due to production setups.


We look forward to hear from you to explore all possibilities in the Air Quality Management for better Urban Healthy Lifestyle I Pathogen Free Space, Polutant Free Air