What is a Fresh Air System and ERV?

Both Fresh Air System and ERV is to regulate IAQ, but ERV has an Energy Recovery feature.


Why Indoor Air Quality is important for an Urban Healthy Lifestyle and How Fresh Air System work?


How Fresh Air Systems Cooperate With Air Conditioners


ERV, or equivalent to a modular Air Handler stands for Energy Recovery Ventilator. In an air-conditioned building, for Air Exchanges to take place, cooler but high in pollutants indoor air is exhausted and outdoor temperature air is drawn in through an ERV Fresh Air System. In the process when both cooler and hotter air passes through the energy recovery coil, the cooler temperature is passed on to the hotter incoming air to save cooling energy.


This ERV Fresh Air System is practical in terms of cost and application when a significant amount of air exchanges requires a significant transfer of energy, such as in an air-conditioned sealed environment with high occupancy, i.e., movie theaters, gymnasiums, and hospitals.




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