What other options do we have?

An integrated solution for effectiveness and cost efficiency.


Conclusion: How to minimize the spread of Coronavirus?

  • Use a HEPA air filter
  • The UV lights yes work as an isolated unit
  • Maintaining humidity help
  • Fresh air is irreplaceable. ERV is optional for SMEs and Residential.
  • Organic (non-mechanical) ways to sanitize the air with SAN-AIR
  • An integrated solution for effectiveness and cost efficiency


Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO) works on a bi-polarization mechanism as an ionizer or oxidizer that produces negative and positive ions, and once distributed into the space, its volatile state will attach to other unstable substances such as bacteria and viruses, changing its composition and in so doing deactivate it. Cleaning the air is a passive method, waiting for the viruses to make their way to the air handler and maybe get caught. Whilst a PCO mechanism is an offensive side of technology, that releases into the space to deactivate.


Bipolarization neutralizes the indoor germs and charges particles coming in which makes them clump larger together, which will improve the MERV rating of a filter. Putting a bipolar system charges particles positively and negatively changing them bigger to get stuck in the air stream and they can make their way back to the filtering system.


Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) & Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ) are multidisciplinary initiatives.